Consulting and legal support in obtaining a residence permit/permanent residence/citizenship of Portugal.

For Excelsior Consulting experts, the interests of clients are a priority. Based on this, we will select an individual immigration strategy, accompany the client through all processes. With us, clients are provided with individual support from the moment of choosing an immigration program to the successful receipt of a residence permit, citizenship.

Knowledge and professionalism, many years of practice and personal experience of the members of the Excelsior Consulting team allow us to provide clients with the highest quality services.

We will provide:

  1. detailed analysis of the situation and selection of a suitable scenario for immigration
  2. registration of the taxpayer number (NIF)
  3. Opening a bank account
  4. selection of real estate objects
  5. registration of individual entrepreneur or company
  6. assistance in the selection of housing for rent or purchase
  7. support in obtaining a social security number
  8. support during the extension of the residence permit

Concierge service: post-immigration support

After a move, you often need help with adaptation and integration. Our post-immigration service allows clients to integrate harmoniously into Portuguese society and not worry about the many different everyday problems associated with starting life in a new country.

We will provide:

  1. providing contacts of services, services, specialists;
  2. assistance and support in communication with state and municipal services;
  3. assistance in obtaining insurance, choosing schools, buying a car;
  4. assistance in obtaining mortgages, leasing, car loans, as well as in other issues of banking services;
  5. assistance in the legalization and official recognition of higher education diplomas in Portugal.


We continuously monitor the dynamics of the market, improve and accumulate new knowledge, study trends and master new technologies.

Having personal immigration experience, Excelsior Consulting specialists understand firsthand the depth of the question and the complexity of the answers.

We will help you to take the first step in structuring an idea from a desire to a detailed understanding of the task at hand.

We are ready to provide advice on the following topics:

  1. existing options for immigration to Portugal, analysis of a personal case, development of an immigration plan;
  2. taxation in Portugal of individuals and legal entities, preferential tax status of NHR;
  3. overview of the real estate market in Portugal;
  4. overview of international schools in Portugal;
  5. issues of creating a business in Portugal (IP, LLC, JSC);
  6. Obtaining a mortgage, car loan or leasing.