Excelsior Consulting is a company specializing in investment consulting, immigration to Portugal, as well as organizing a range of services for real estate transactions in a 360° format for clients.

Our business model is based on a comprehensive analysis of each request and informed decision making. We promise only things that can be realized. To do this, we monitor what is happening, analyze, weigh, draw conclusions and act.

We share our knowledge and experience with you so that the decision is conscious and the result exceeds expectations. Our goal is to define the desired result and achive it.

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When buying a property and obtaining my residence permit, I was faced with the fact that I lacked professional support and quality information to make decisions and understand the processes.

Later, working in Portugal as a hired manager, and, later, in partnership, the main approach to solving problems became even more clear to me. There was no desire to hear the client as much as possible and to delve into the degree of uniqueness of his case. It was preferable to fit the task into the usual frame work and apply the proven solutions.

In modern realities, each client case was unique, not standard. The application of standard solutions did not bring the requested result. It is this aspect that determined the credo of Excelsior Consulting. Since 2019, the company has been offering a level of service that is extremely focused on achieving the goal set by the client. At the same time, a professional, complete and comprehensive quality approach allows you to avoid mistakes.

Yulia Egorova,
CEO, founder